Provide extra liability protection for your insured when our companies write the underlying package and auto coverages.

Excess Coverage:

  • Provides protection against third (3rd) party claims in excess of the policy limits provided by the Insured’s primary underlying policy(ies).
  • Added protection for equine, grain, livestock or insured farm business when we provide the primary Farm Personal Liability.
  • Underlying automobile liability policies may be added whether or not we provide the underlying coverage.

Excess Underwriting Considerations:

  • Primary insurance program must cover all the insured’s known liability exposures and must be a comprehensive form.
  • Auto policies not written with  us must be written with an “A-”A.M. Best rated carrier or better and meet the underwriting requirements.
  • MVR's are required on all drivers

Umbrella Coverages:

  • Available to individuals, partnerships or other organizations.
  • Comprehensive and flexible coverages.
  • Covers liability for damages due to bodily injury sustained by another and property damage to tangible property of others that arise out of the insured premise and the personal, farming and commercial farm or stable activities and related operation of the insured.

Umbrella Underwriting Considerations:

  • Primary insurance coverage must be placed with carrier.