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Welcome to Mark D. Fredricksen Insurance Services, where we have provided a link between retail insurance brokers and various types of insurance markets since 1986. If you are a broker, you must be appointed with us. To become appointed Click Here.  If you are insured looking for a broker Click Here  to contact us for an appointed broker in your area.

About us...

Mark D. Fredricksen Insurance Services was established in 1986 as a resource for equine and Agri-related insurance risks. The concept was simple: provide brokers with access to knowledgeable and responsive authorities on all equine insurance matters.

The constant fluctuations of marketplace conditions make it virtually impossible for the small-medium size agency to meet the appointment requirements of most carriers. That is not to say the business they produce is not profitable, it's just not cost effective for carriers to contract low volume producers. By combining our underwriting expertise with willing carriers, your premium becomes melded in a larger, more profitable group. This is both cost effective for the customer and meets a need in the farm insurance marketplace.

The brokers we deal with range from those with a single farm account to firms that view this type of client as their bread and butter. Regardless of your premium volume, we would appreciate the opportunity to rate, underwrite and issue coverage in the majority of the states where you are licensed. For information on what services are available in your state, please contact Mark Fredricksen.

We continue to encourage our brokers to account develop and cross-sell accounts throughout our office. It is our intent to continue to meet the expanding needs of our brokers, to assist you in nurturing the needs of your clients.

This website has been produced for use by our brokers, and provides limited information on available products. As always, you should refer to the policy in question for specific details.

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